SloFood Cafe

| Sl...ow down, savor the moments. |

Freshness, beauty, good health for spring, crispy veggies platter curated by Slowood’s team chefs provided by farmers.

SloFood Cafe serves seasonal organic, natural ingredients only.

Vegans, vegetarians or meat-lovers, Slowood’s team chefs and partnered local farmers curated a slow menu for you to SL...ow down and savor the moments. 

| Taste and Immerse in Nature |
Nature is the greatest architect, and our fungi furniture says it best.

Fungi, more dearly known as ‘mushroom’, are principal decomposers in major ecosystems. When decomposed and reformed, fungi grow in shapes without boundary and eventually immerse in the soil as new nutrients. From lampshades to plant pots to even dining tables and chairs, our refreshment corner is furnished by this natural power of fungi.

| Savoury Experience |

Because plants are a precious gift from Mother Earth to us, we cordially invite you to experience the joy of a vegan diet. Not just healthy, vegan meals nourish our bodies and souls, empowering us with the abundant power of natural food. Treat yourself with Slowood’s vegan delights heartfully prepared by our vegan chef.


| Opening Hour |

Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 16:00