BA26 Bicarbonate of Soda

BA26 Bicarbonate of Soda

BA26 Bicarbonate of Soda

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  • Organic
  • Multiple purpose
  • Fine powder
  • Widely use as leavening agent


Bicarbonate soda, also called as baking soda. Ithas a saline, slightly alkaline taste and no aroma. It also contains its own acid when acid is needed in recipes. Widely used to breads and cakes to help them rise,provides maximum leavening action.

Health Benefits

  • healthyalternative to the traditional counterpart


Suggested Usage

Baking soda works effectively in many recipes for cakes, cookies, pancakes, breads. Mostly it helps to maximum the leavening of the dishes,but kindly note that the ratios will depend on the relative acidity of the other ingredients.

Perfect usage as a natural household deodorant, sprinkling on fresh stains in carpets or with vinegar as a cleaner.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Allergy information

  • No known allergen

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