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BROD Lemon
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BROD Lemon

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The Kvas Company
  • 330/1000ml
  • From New Zealand
  • Low-sugar soft drinks
  • Probiotic foods
  • Caffeine free
The word kvas means 'ferment', when a Russian just says 'kvas' they mean kvas made using rye bread.

Winter or summer, Brod Lemon is what you need. Bursting with citrusy flavour, it will remind you of the best traditional lemonade you ever had, but with greater depth and complexity. Brewed with whole lemons to add their well-known benefits to low sugar, probiotic kvas. Perfect for a warm evening around the barbecue, packed with live cultures and vitamins when it gets cold.

2017 Outstanding Food Producer NZ Finalist.

All Brod Kvas varieties are raw, live products and should be refrigerated.

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