BROD Original Rye
BROD Original Rye
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BROD Original Rye

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The Kvas Company
  • 330/1000ml
  • From New Zealand
  • Low-sugar soft drinks
  • Probiotic foods
  • Caffeine free
The word kvas means 'ferment', when a Russian just says 'kvas' they mean kvas made using rye bread.

Kvas can be made with yeast, by lactic fermentation, or by a combination of the two. We make our kvas by lactic fermentation only we love the lighter, more refreshing taste, and the added benefit of all those healthy lactobacillus cultures. Despite the name, no dairy is involved lactic here refers to the fermentation cultures, which are also found in sauerkraut, cured meat and other fermented foods.
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