SP01 - Cinnamon Quills 3" (per g)
SP01 - Cinnamon Quills 3" (per g)
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SP01 - Cinnamon Quills 3" (per g)

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  • Organic 
  • Spice 
  • Hard and Britter Texture 
  • All-purpose Usage in Cooking and Saucing 
  • Enhance Flavours, Seasoning


3-inch lengths of tightly rolled, concentric layers. The outer surface is smooth, yellowish-brown with faint scars marking the position of leaves and axillary buds and has fine, whitish and wavy longitudinal striations. The inner surface is slightly darker and longitudinally striated. 

Health Benefits

  • High in antioxidants
  • May improve blood sugar control, lower cholesterol levels 


Suggested Usage

Cinnamon quills have an aromatic fragrance and can be put into stewed compotes of fruit, used to flavour gluwein, and curries. A centimetre broken up and put into a coffee plunger with the grounds gives it a delicately spiced flavour. Ground cinnamon quills are the best grade of cinnamon to use in the majority of cooking applications. 


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.