Blue Earth - Dog-Ma Dog Soap (Twin Bar)
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Blue Earth - Dog-Ma Dog Soap (Twin Bar)

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Blue Earth??

  • Handmade from New Zealand
  • Vegan, Naturally Made??
  • Palm Oil Free??
  • 100% Plant & Essential oil??
  • Use Solar Energy For Production??
  • Smell divine - Use as an Fragrant
  • For our animal friends (dog shampoo)

This soap gently clean your dogs coat while leaving their fur soft and silky. Also beneficial for moisturising dry or irritated skin.

Carefully made from 100% plant and selected essential oils that help repel ticks, fleas and reduce pet odours. Contains activated charcoal to help cleanse and deodorize.??

Coconut oil, aqua, olive oil, rice bran oil, soda lye, hemp oil, avocado oil, wheatgerm oil, lavender oil, patchouli oil, cedar- wood oil, neem oil, sweet marjoram oil and activated charcoal.
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