CH08 - Raw Chocolate Raisins (per 10g)
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CH08 - Raw Chocolate Raisins (per 10g)

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Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free | Palm-oil free

Plump, juicy, sun-drenched raisins draped in our delicious, pure raw chocolate. X-rated raisins!

Remember little boxes of chocolate raisins when you were younger These are nothing like them! We have sourced the very best, juicy Turkish sun-drenched raisins and coated them with our rich dark raw chocolate. Chocolate raisins raised to luxurious standards providing you with little gems of sweet, dark chocolateyness suitable for all ages. Perfect for those 11 oclockish or mid afternoon slumps, this treat will certainly make your day!

*Minimum order of 200 grams