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Klenzpet 100ml
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Klenzpet 100ml

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Developed especially for pets � Formula 840P Klenzpet encourages decimation and gentle removal of parasites (liver flukes & worms) from the intestinal tract, the blood, glands and organs within 10 to 14 days. All parasites and their excretions are removed from the body to encourage better health. Formula 840P Klenzpet tends to keep natural parasite colonies from multiplying out of control, thus preserving the body�s inherent vital energies.
  • An effective parasite and worm expellant.
  • Immune stimulant � restores immunity and strength.
  • A sickness tonic � helps to restore energy and well-being.
  • A digestive stimulant, it restores the appetite.
  • A lymphatic / blood purifier.
  • A perfect daily tonic (Once daily, pre-meals).
  • Can be mixed into food, water (if acceptable by pet), or given via
    oral syringe.
Tags: pet
Type: supplement