Heroes Beer - AT-692 Fierce DIPA
Heroes Beer - AT-692 Fierce DIPA
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Heroes Beer - AT-692 Fierce DIPA

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The fruit-loving monkey AT-692 has always dreamt of making the world a better place. Day after day she planted tangerine seeds while her soulmate AP-09 helped fertilizing them.

Her dreams were shattered when AP-09 morphed into to the evil SNAP-09. Under great trauma, she threw away her pacifistic beliefs and installed an intelligent backpack that converts tangerines into telepathic fruit bombs. She speaks directly into the minds of the bombed enemies through her magical headset.

This DIPA, brewed with an experimental hop variety, represents her bravery against the beer snob invasion. Boozy yet smash-able, this beer is made to bomb you into unconsciousness and most importantly, to bring SNAP-09 back to the arrogant puppy he once was.

Tags: crafted beer
Category: Organic Grocery
Type: alcohol