Lo Bros - Organic Kombucha Soda, Lemon Fizz 330ml
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Lo Bros - Organic Kombucha Soda, Lemon Fizz 330ml

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Lo Bros

  • Organic
  • No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Millions of gut loving bio-cultures
  • Naturally low in sugar
  • Origin: Australia


live fermented Lemon Fizz is a salute to classic old-fashioned lemonade. Made with juicy lemons and raw organic apple cider vinegar, this tongue-tingling number is a zesty, refreshing take on a celebrated drink. We use traditional fermentation processes to create living enzymes and convert natural sugars into beneficial acids. The resulting drink delivers a classic lemon taste with millions of gut loving bio-cultures and is naturally low in sugar. Lovingly brewed in Berkshire, all of our kombucha is organic, dairy free, gluten free and vegan.


Organic Kombucha (Water, Organic Kombucha, Organic Green Tea, Organic Oolong Tea, Organic Raw Sugar), Organic Sweeteners (Naturally Fermented Glucose (Erythritol), Stevia Leaf (Steviol Glycosides)), Natural Flavour (<1%) (Peach, Ginger), Organic Ginger Juice* (<1%) (Ginger, Acidity Regulator (Citris Acid), Peach Juice Concentrate (<1%), Probiotics (<1%).