Natures Own - Euro Gold: Multivitamin & Mins - 90 tabs
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Natures Own - Euro Gold: Multivitamin & Mins - 90 tabs

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Nature's Own Food state Euro gold multivitamins and minerals 90 vegan tablet is a food state supplement Provides nutrients in the same form as those in food. Uses vitamins and minerals combined in a probiotic culture to help give superior absorption and utilisation. High in B vitamins, It also provides good levels of other vitamins and all minerals including calcium and magnesium. Now with 20 µg of vitamin D the optimum level on intake according to research. Each Euro gold tablet contains 2 mg Iron, which is a safe level for men and post-menopausal women to take.


BETA, CAROTENE2.0 MG, VITAMIN D3: 20.0 µG, VITAMIN E: 5.0 MG, VITAMIN C: 20.00 MG, THIAMIN (B1): 1.4 MG, RIBOFLAVIN (B2): 1.60 MG, NIACIN (B3): 16.0 MG, VITAMIN B6: 2.0 MG, FOLIC ACID: 200.00 µG, VITAMIN B12: 1.0 µG, BIOTIN: 0.152 MG, PANTOTHENIC ACID (B5): 6.0 MG, VITAMIN K: 60.00 µG, CALCIUM: 142.0 MG, IRON: 2.0 MG, MAGNESIUM: 50.0 MG, ZINC: 5.0 MG, IODINE: 75.0 µG, BORON: 0.25 MG, COPPER: 0.40 MG, MANGANESE: 0.30 MG, SELENIUM: 120.00 µG, CHROMIUM (G.T.F.): 80.00 µG, MOLYBDENUM: 10.0 µG, INOSITOL: 2.5 MG, PABA: 5.0 MG, CHOLINE: 2.0 MG.

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