Natures Own - Zinc/Copper - 50 tabs
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Natures Own - Zinc/Copper - 50 tabs

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Food State Zinc supplement combined with copper to prevent a possible risk of copper deficiency during long-term usage. Food State Zinc and Copper tablets are presented to the body in a food base of 'lactobacillus bulgaricus' and hence this is a gentle and well absorbed supplement.

  • Has a wide variety of functions including growth and human development, the healthy functioning of the immune system, and the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, nails and bone
  • Related to the normal absorption and actions of vitamins, especially the B-complex
  • Zinc and Copper is presented to the body in a food base of lactobacillus bulgaricus a native and friendly bacterial inhabitant of the human GI tract
  • Gentle and well absorbed supplement complete with amino acids and nutrient carriers from the associated culture

Recommended Use

1 tablet daily, or take as directed by a practitioner.