DF12 - Organic Prunes - Pitted (per 10g)
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DF12 - Organic Prunes - Pitted (per 10g)

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Organic dried pitted prunes packed in 10kg cartons Over a period of time the natural sugars within the fruit will crystallise and form on the skin of the fruit. This is a natural process. The harvested prunes are washed, sorted and dried. After the drying process there is size selection, the prunes are washed again and rehydrated. With an humidity of 24-26 % the prunes are pitted and packaged. The prunes are treated with steam at 100°C. Metal detection is done by metal detectors. Heating >40°C:

Sweet to tart, typical of the variety, and free from off flavours

Firm to soft exterior with soft chewy centre

Dark purple to black, characteristic of the variety

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