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Sambonet - Saucepot Cm 16.5 With Lid Terra.Cotto Saffron
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Sambonet - Saucepot Cm 16.5 With Lid Terra.Cotto Saffron

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Sambonet's Terra.Cotto Collection

  • Color: Saffron
  • Dimensions pot: h 14cm, 16.5cm

Originated from Stefania Vasques artistic flair with the purpose of reviving old-time, traditional kitchen flavours - something that terracotta only is capable of doing. Five different modern shapes have thus been created to relive old recipes. Terracotta pots allow for even heat distribution, intensified organoleptic properties, and reduced seasoning use. The package is equipped with a small cookbook which aims at reappraising the simple, savoury, and healthy art of cooking.

Sambonet Terra.Cotto: modern shapes to rediscover the pleasure of Mediterranean traditional cuisine

- Practical saucepot with lid; terracotta eases thermal conductivity, gradually distributing the heat

- 2014 design-awarded, Stefania Vasques promotes healthy flavours and environment-friendly cooking

- Ideal for preserving the organoleptic properties of food, a recipe book is included in the package

- Lid with practical bar handle. Recipe book included.

Suitable for

  • Cooking electrical
  • Cooking glass ceramic
  • Cooking gas
  • Oven
  • Microwave oven
  • Direct fire
  • Dishwasher

Not suitable for

  • Cooking induction

Additional info

PRECAUTIONS: Place casserole only on stovetop burners that can hold its size and weight. The glazed cast iron must be gradually heated and never left empty on burners. The flame beneath the casserole on the stove shouldn't extend past its sides. Be sure to use an oven mitt or silicone when handling the casserole handles as they may be hot. To avoid damaging the glazed surface, use silicone or wooden kitchenware and do not directly cut food in the casserole.

FIRST USE: Before using, soak it in water for 12 hours. Thoroughly wash with hot water and soap, rinse off and dry. When the casserole reaches a certain temperature, reduce the heat: the cast iron thermal conductivity allows heat to last for a long time during cooking, saving energy and allowing to simmer.

AFTER USE: Leave the casserole to cool for at least 15 minutes until it reaches room temperature. Then wash with cold water.

CLEANING: Always let the cookware cool before washing it. Do not use overly aggressive and repetitive cleaning treatments or steel wool to get rid of hard to remove residual food. Instead, fill the casserole with hot water, wait until the residue softens and then remove it with a nonabrasive sponge.

WASHING: Wash with hot water and dish soap using a nonabrasive sponge. These casserole dishes are dishwasher safe thanks to a special enameling technology.

DRYING: Casserole dish must be thoroughly dried before being put away.