Ecodis - Soda Crystals 1kg Kraft Bag
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Ecodis - Soda Crystals 1kg Kraft Bag

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  • 1kg, kraft bag
  • Made of natural raw materials (chalk and salt)
  • Wide range for household, laundry??use
  • Low carbon footprint


  • Concentrated soda crystals
  • Cleans, removes odours
  • Neutralises acids and therefore saponifies grease
  • Suitable for enamel, marble??surfaces
  • Clear blocked pipes
  • Work for heavily soiled surfaces (hood, bin, oven door, toilet, fridge, etc.)
  • Softening property as laundry detergents

How to use

To clear blocked pipes, dissolve 2 to 3 tablespoons in 2L of boiling water, then pour the solution into the pipe. Leave acting for 1 hour before removing the sink trap. Rinse the pipe with water. Before repositioning the trap, scrape out any blockage if necessary.??

    Type: household