Spearmint Scented Playdough
Spearmint Scented Playdough
Spearmint Scented Playdough
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Spearmint Scented Playdough

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Happy Hands Happy Heart

  • Dimensions: W: 8.5cm L: 8.5cm H: 7.5cm

All natural spearmint scented play dough by Happy Hands Happy Heart.

Created with all natural products. Colours and scents are created using fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and essential oils. Lovingly handmade in Australia.

-Play on a clean dry surface.
-Store in an air tight container to prevent frying.
-If drying occur, just add a few drops of water and knead until smooth.
-Once opened, with good care, playdough would last 6-12 months.

Please note that colours, texture and fragrance can vary due to the nature of the natural products.

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