Umeshu VAAU (Vodka Base) 100ml

Umeshu VAAU (Vodka Base) 100ml - Slowood

Umeshu VAAU (Vodka Base) 100ml

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“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”


Japanese families traditionally like to brew their own plum wine, which is placed in a cabinet or storage tank, and when cicadas chirp in the midsummer of the following year, it is agreed to mature.
On the anniversary, family members or a group of friends gather together to taste the ripe plum wine, share the ups and downs of life, and have their own plum wine memories.

TinShing Umeshu - Hong Kong hand-made plum wine brand

Every spring, fresh plums are put into the bottle and fermented together with rice wine for a year. Under the care and protection of the winemaker, the inside of the bottle changes quietly every day. The plums and rice wine enhance each other. another world

Blends perfectly with vodka

Sometimes life can feel dull and in need of a little something extra to spice things up. Vodka, a popular alcoholic drink originating from Russia, is known for its clear and pure taste and strong, burning sensation when consumed. Despite its pungent quality, some people find its lack of flavor to be a drawback.

After years of experimentation, TinShing Umeshu has found the perfect solution - blending ume, a seasonal Japanese fruit, with vodka to create a new liquor called VAAU. This vodka-based liqueur takes over a year to ferment and is crafted with Kishū Nankō-ume to add a delightful plum flavor to the customary zest of vodka. With a 38% alcohol content, VAAU is sure to become a new favorite at festive gatherings.

Mixing vodka and ume is like adding a layer of sheen to a plain white sheet, bringing luster to our everyday lives. 


TinShing Umeshu VAAU  (Vodka Base) 100ml
ABV 26%

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