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Butter Cheese Palmiers 80g
Butter Cheese Palmiers 80g
Butter Cheese Palmiers 80g
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Butter Cheese Palmiers 80g

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Van Strien

  • Handmade
  • Natural

To make these biscuits, we use our handmade butter puff pastry. We top these with one-yearold cheese, real Gouda Holland (PDO), and then bake thin slices in the oven until crunchy. A rare classic and a delicacy. Delicious served with aperitifs or a glass of wine.


wheat flour, butter (28%), old Gouda Noord-Holland PDO (18%), water, sea salt, colouring (carotene)

* PDO stands for Protected Designation of Origin. It means that the aged Gouda cheese used in the Van Strien Handmade Cheese Palmiers is made in the province of North Holland from milk of cows grazing in this beautiful Dutch province. The proximity of the sea in this region means that the Gouda cheeses we use are considered to be the most tasty of Gouda cheeses.

Tags: Biscuits
Category: all, Van Strien
Type: Snacks

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