Obscura x Slowood | Seasonal Pickling & Fermenting Workshop

by Slowood Official


OBSCURA 新一期春夏季號雜誌以「To Learn Something by Being Slow」為題,以慢悠節奏,細味學習生活。我們合辦了Seasonal Pickling & Fermenting Workshop,採用醃漬與發酵的方式,為新鮮蔬果加上天然的防腐劑,延長食物的生命,並轉化食物風味,酵素更可以增加營養攝取,是一種保存食物的神奇的魔法。導師將會講解醃漬與發酵的原理,並一起製作油漬蕃茄和德國酸菜,完成後等待數月便可食用。



● Exploring the history of pickling and fermenting
● Making Tomato Confit and Sauerkraut
● Enjoying tea and snacks

Date: 13 July 2019, Saturday
Time: 14:00-16:00
Location: Slowood, The Hudson, 11 Davis Street, Sai Wan
Fee: $380 (Member could enjoy 10%off)
Capacity: 8
Language: English / Cantonese

Enrollment: bit.ly/obscura-workshop-slowood

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● Participant Fee includes tutor fee, ingredient fee, glass storage jar, a cup of tea and snacks and one copy of Obscura Magazine S/S19 issue.
● No refunds will be made after enrollment, except when classes are cancelled by Obscura Magazine and Slowood.
● Obscura Magazine and Slowood reserve the right to make the final decision.

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