AR05 - 薰衣草和馬鬱蘭平靜身心沐浴乳

AR05 - Serene Body Wash Lavender & Marjoram - Slowood

AR05 - 薰衣草和馬鬱蘭平靜身心沐浴乳

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Tranquility | Relaxing | Herbaceous | Clams your body

Serene Body Wash is a relaxing body wash that eases the stiffnes away. Like the warm sunlight of an early summer, the scent wraps and calms your body. Lavender allows you to sink into deep meditation as it coddles your mind. Marjoram gives profound relaxation like a comfy chair. The tranquil energy is diffused under the warm shower water completes the whole body ritual.

  • 素食主義
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Gentle ingredients

Key Ingredients

Lavender Extract, Lavender Oil, Lavandin Oil, Marjoram Oil, Bergamot Oil


  • Lavender - The floral and tranquil notes of lavender helps you reach a deeper state of relaxation.
  • Marjoram - The herbaceous scent of marjoram transports you to the forest, bringing tranquility and peace to mind.

This blend of essential oils strengthens your confidence, provides warmth and solace to your daily ritual. The comforting notes of lavender and herbaceous notes of marjoram brings tranquility, allowing you to address complex emotions.

How to use

Take a moderate amount of lather on your body. Gently massage the entire body before rinsing thoroughly.

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