Berringa Everday Manuka Boost MGO 50

Berringa Everday Manuka Boost MGO 50

Berringa Everday Manuka Boost MGO 50

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A delicious 100% Australian Manuka Boost suitable for everyday wellness.

Made by blending 100% Raw and Unfiltered Australian Eucalyptus Honey and either 50+ MGO or 200+ MGO Manuka Bioactive Honey.

It is packed in an easy squeezy 400g bottle, for family convenience.

Manufactured In Australia

Berringa Everyday Australian Manuka Boost with 50+ MGO 400gm

Berringa’s unique Manuka bioactive honey is harvested from bees that feed on the Leptospermum polygalifolium plant in Eastern Australia. This honey contains methylglyoxal (MGO), the natural bioactive in Manuka Honey.

Free from additives, it can be eaten by itself or added to other food and drinks.

They can store ‘the right way up’ or even ‘upside down’ so the honey is already ready to come out immediately after the jar is squeezed, for those of us who hate waiting for a couple of seconds!

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