Bring Nature Home

by Slowood Official


It is easy for city dwellers in the concrete jungle to forget what a natural habitat is. When we lose our connection with nature, we would turn blind to the liveliness and soul of the fauna and flora around us. But the fact that we are part of nature is undeniable. After all, who does not want to reconnect with nature?

A lot of researches pointed out the health benefits of connecting with nature. In 2016, a psychologist released a study in which the research targets were asked to notice three good things about nature every week, such as birdsongs or breeze under a tree. Significant psychological improvements were noted at the end of the research. As someone living very close to nature, I cannot agree more. A lot of people, however, disconnected from nature - those who reside in densely populated buildings. Can they bring nature home?

They certainly can.

Make a green home: Indoor plants are great air purifiers, plus they help reduce eye strain and fatigue. Choose the size of your plants according to the space available. If your living environment is far from spacious, place small pots by the windows or hang vertical gardens on the walls. Busy urbanites may find mini terrariums super easy to manage. Besides pot plants, you can also grow your own herbs and other edible vegetables.

Furnish your home with wood and bamboo: Wood and bamboo are sustainable materials, whose manufacturing process is earth-friendlier. Their earthy hues are a delight to look at. Also, do you know wood actually stores carbon?

Natural decors: Pebbles, pine cones, sand and shells are all part of nature!

Scents of nature: Natural essential oils and candles have therapeutic benefits. You can slo tie a bunch of eucalyptus to your shower head to enjoy an aromatic ‘sauna’.


Author, photo | Ren Wan (Founder of Jupyeah)