Sure is! Slowood was founded in 2019 by local couple Jeff and Dora who were both born and raised in Hong Kong. Check out our founders’ story to learn more about them, the story of Slowood and what inspired them to create it.

We’re always growing! Click here to see where you can find our stores in Hong Kong.

Slowood Market is the name we’ve given to our smaller stores. In these stores we stock our most popular and best value products.

Yes! We currently have Pop-Ups within selected Watsons,Taste at Festival Walk and Apita at Cityplaza. This is always changing. Follow us on Instagram and check out our highlights to see if there is a Pop-up near you.

Slowood is a Zero-Waste and Sustainable Lifestyle and Grocery Store. Some of our products are zero-waste, meaning that they are sold in bulk without any single-use packaging. For our packaged items, we try to limit packaging to recyclable materials or post-consumer plastic. There is something for everyone to comfortably start their ‘zero-waste’ journey in a way that suits them best. All of our products are sustainable alternatives to conventional products that are better for both your body and the earth.

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We’re a growing company and always on the look out for passionate and talented people to join our team. Contact us to learn about or open positions.

Food & Products

We source from a range of suppliers and countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Japan, Europe, and China. Did you know that around 96% of Hong Kong’s Food is imported? We recognize that importing from overseas incurs a large carbon footprint but it’s a tricky one to avoid in Hong Kong! We work with local suppliers where possible and actively work to support and grow this range of goods.

We provide organic products where possible. Around 80% of our products are organic and we’re always hunting down organic replacements for those that are not. If the product is not organic, you can be sure it’s natural - we work to avoid ingredients that are harmful to our bodies and the planets.

The majority of products are plant-based! We carry vegan options too but not all products are vegan.

If you’re unsure about something, be sure to ask our friendly team in the store or contact our Customer Love Team (

It’s best to store bulk products in an air tight container. We recommend you to reuse jars but if you don’t have anything suitable, we also stock a wide range of airtight, reusable containers. You can check them out here.

In regard to getting product to our stores - we order all food products in the largest quantity possible to reduce packaging. We work directly with our suppliers, cutting out the middle man means a lower carbon foot print and better pricing - savings which we share with you.


For many local suppliers we have a circular scheme set up whereby we use reusable buckets or containers that we return after each delivery, we try to set this up with as many suppliers as possible. For anything else, some items will arrive in plastic or foil packaging for food safety reasons and in this instance we have a very thorough waste sorting system in place.

Absolutely! We have a large range of gluten free products and although cannot guarantee 100% zero cross contamination, we get audited regularly and ensure there is a serious sanitisation process in place to prevent this. If you’re unsure about something, be sure to ask our friendly team in the store or contact our Customer Love Team (

We cannot guarantee 100% zero cross contamination however, we have very strict protocols in place, including product placement and sanitisation of scoops, bins and all surfaces. We are audited regularly on this and stay up to date on all safe practices. If you have a severe allergy, we recommend consulting a medical professional to see if purchasing food in bulk is ok for you.

In-Store Shopping

Please do!! We highly encourage you to bring your own containers to purchase our bulk food, refillable household and refillable personal care products. We’ll give you 5% off for every item you purchase in bulk which you are providing your own container for (always remember to weigh the container first!).

Each of our stores offer recycled glass or plastic containers for free. These were donated by our customers and cleaned by our staff. Paper bags are also free and available at the shop, we even encourage you to reuse the bag for your next purchase.

We do - thank you for sharing them with us! But please make sure that the containers are properly washed aswell as odour and stain-free. For safety reasons, we do not accept containers that were used to store medicine. Please directly hand the containers over to our staff, and do not place the containers directly into our recycle station - we need to sanitise them first!

All sales are final and we do not offer returns or refunds for any item unless your item is faulty or damaged, please email us at if you have any problems.

All scoops are sanitized regularly and bulk bin lids are always kept closed. Customers are required to get their temperature taken and to sanitize their hands before entering the store. We have never had any health problems related to our bulk products.

Certain items and promotions are exclusively available online or to our stores. However, our stock on hand tends to vary depending on popular demand! We advise you to call the store beforehand to find out if the product you’re after is in stock. Please note that the prices online and instore may vary at times too due to special offers or promotions.

It is best to call our stores beforehand to check if the product you are looking for is in stock. Check out the full list of locations and contact details here.

Online Shopping

We avoid unnecessary packaging as much as possible and reuse packaging materials when we can.

We reuse the boxes that all of our bulk products are sent to us in and use ‘Slowood’ branded paper tape to seal them.

Our dry bulk items are packed in paper bags and bulk liquids in reuseable bottles. Powders, like spices or protein powders, will be packed into glass jars and please reuse or return these jars.

To protect your order, we use a FSC certified honey comb paper. This corregated paper will product your goods from damage.

Orders over $500 can receive free shipping! Orders under $500 will be charged a $80 delivery fee, this will automatically be added to your order at the checkout.

Your order will arrive within 3-5 business days. The delivery time might take a bit longer during peak shipping periods such as holidays or Black Friday - we’ll always let you know about this in advance though and if your order happens to be delayed - we’ll let you know about that too!

Rest assured, you do not need to be home to accept your order. If you are not home, your delivery will be left at your front door or with your security desk. We'll send you a message as soon as it's been delivered. However, we can take no responsibility for goods after they have been delivered.

If there is a specific place you'd like your order to be left, you can click 'add a delivery note' at the cart page as you're checking out e.g. please leave behind the plant next to my front door.

Deliveries are made between 11am and 6pm. If you’d like to know a more specific delivery window, please pop our customer love team an email -

We try our best to have our stock levels accurate however, occasionally errors occur and items showing in stock may in fact be out of stock. If a suitable substitute exists, we’ll contact you to see if you’d prefer this over a refund. If there is no suitable substitute or if you’d prefer a refund - we’lll refund you for the missing items. This will result in a “partial refund” - we’ll pop you an email ahead of your order to let you know about this.

Please contact as as soon as possible! Changes to orders will be on a case-by-case basis depending on whether or not the order has already been packed and sorted for dispatch. Please email right away.

Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled.

We always do out best to ensure everything you receive is correct but if something isn’t quite right you can email ( or live chat us (see the bottom left hand corner on our website). We’ll always to respond to emails within 1 working day and live chat is well, live! So you’ll get an immediate response.

Oh no! Rest assured, we’re here to help. Please contact us as soon as possible with as much information as you can and we’ll do out best to provide a solution for you. You can email ( or live chat us (see the bottom left hand corner on our website).

Out of Stock items - disclaimer

We reserve the right not to accept your order in the event, for example, that we are unable to obtain authorization for payment, that shipping restrictions apply to a particular item, that the item ordered is out of stock or does not satisfy our quality control standards and is withdrawn.

Loyalty Program

Our loyalty app will be available to download in the play store and app store very soon. Stay tuned!

Try resetting your password first. If this isn’t working please contact us - and we’ll see how we can help!

Every dollar spent is equal to one ‘seed’ (seeds are your loyalty points!). Seeds can be used to purchase coupons for gifts, vouchers or directly into credit for you to spend in store. Collecting seeds will help you to go up loyalty tiers, each new tier comes with better rewards! There are 4 tiers - you’ll start as a Sprout and from there can grow into a Seeding, Sapling and finally a Sprout. You can see more info about each tier here.

You can check this in the app, ask our team in store or email us (

You can but please note that you will loose all seeds, credits and purchase history. Memberships cannot be reinstated once cancelled.

No, unfortunately you will need to create a separate account for your membership at SLOWOOD.