12 Sustainable Habits to adopt in 2023

by Slowood MKT

Living a completely zero-waste lifestyle is not easy, but making small changes to the way you consume can be. Together we can achieve more, our collective impact can be great! To make this a little easier, we’ve prepared 12 sustainable living guides for you to adopt every month. Are you ready to embrace a sustainable lifestyle?

January: Part of the plastic crisis - Toothbrush
Did you know that your toothbrush has become a major part of the plastic crisis? For health reasons, we’re advised by dentists to change our toothbrushes once every three months. While this might be important for our health, it’s not great for the planet. Every year, we discard 30 million plastic toothbrushes, and that’s just in Hong Kong! Let’s change your toothbrush to a biodegradable one - a simple step for a common habit. Most bamboo toothbrushes contain plastic bristles, with our latest upgrade we've moved to 'boar bristles'. These natural fibres are natural and biodegradable and super effective for cleaning your teeth. You won't know the difference, but mother earth will.

February: Masks on but make it usable
It is estimated that disposable face masks discarded during the epidemic will account for about 0.1 percent of the Municipal Solid Waste disposed of at landfills. Whilst this number seems low, keep in mind that every piece of plastic ever created still exists...every mask you’ve used is going to be around for at least another 700 years 😱

One thing you can do to reduce the amount of plastic entering our landfills is to switch to reusable masks! Whilst they may be a little more expensive up front, they’re cheaper in the long term as you’re able to wash them and use them again and again. @determinantofficial naturally dyed cotton masks (non-medical) have 3 layers - the inner layer is for comfort and breathability, the middle layer blocks droplets and the outer layer is antibacterial and water repellent. The reusable mask is both comfortable and suitable for everyday use in low-risk situations.

Not ready for the leap to reusable masks? Try a smaller step over to biodegradable single-use masks, which don't scarify the ecosystem (and won’t be around for 700 years!) 🌎

March: Buying in bulk helps you save money💰
New to Slowood? Curious about buying in bulk? 😕 Let us share what the hype’s all about! And it’s a lot more than just reducing packaging and food waste…

Fact: Typically ⅓ of the cost of a product goes towards the packaging, another portion is spent on advertising, and the remainder - that’s for the product you’re actually paying for! Shopping in bulk is a great way to be intentional with the amount you consume while having greater control over how much you’re spending. Buying the same ‘pre-packed’ product off the shelf typically costs 30% more!

By bringing your own container (or using one of our helpful paper bags in store) and using a simple weighing system, you can decide exactly how much you need without creating additional waste and saving money whilst you’re doing it.

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