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Don't Sacrifice The Planet For Your Skin 


As a Korean pioneer and specialist in the clean beauty field, AROMATICA is making efforts to protect consumers and the environment by eliminating all harmful ingredients from their products. Founded in 2004, AROMATICA commits to deliver safe and natural personal care products to the customer, meanwhile, not to compromise the environment for our skin. From the eco-friendly factory operation to the sustainable packaging design, the brand strives for a better planet, for the balanced body and soul. 


From the ingredients to the packaging, AROMATICA prides themselves on developing holistic sustainable solutions to save your skin as well as the planet. Committed to protect the environment, their packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET containers. Eventually, AROMATICA aims to swap to only biodegradable and recyclable plastic for all their products and limit their dependency on raw materials.


Using formulas inspired by apothecary, AROMATICA uses natural essential oils, adding a harmonious balance between body and soul into your beauty routine. The signature rosemary formula gives you a boost from head to toe, stimulates blood circulation and offers anti-inflammatory benefits to your skin.


“Safe, authentic and efficacious” has been the brand motto of AROMATICA in their research and product development process. As the pioneer in Korean clean beauty industry, AROMATICA became the first Korean brand to receive the U.S. EWG VERIFIED certification in 2016. The certification shows the brand’s commitment to  provide the purest and healthiest products to the customers. 


A new personal care brand now available for refills at Slowood.

In efforts to reduce the impact on the environment, we are introducing bulk-buy to their most popular personal care products. We can still purchase products we love and prevent daily disposals of containers. Bulk-buy also means we can also control the amount we need with each purchase.