Basic Steps towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

by Slowood Official

In recent years, being a green finger is no longer just a choice; it has become a responsibility. To help save the earth that our survival is dependent on, it is important to opt for a sustainable lifestyle. While you may think individual endeavour is just a drop in an ocean, don’t get frustrated. Our behaviours can inspire our peers, and this is how we can amplify our impact - and it is always how a revolution begins.

So, if you want to help save the Earth, start the little revolution with yourself. These are something you can do:


1. Before you heal the Earth, heal your heart:

Put down your cell phone, close your eyes (and your ears). Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere. Let thoughts on your life slowly emerge. Slowly and gently reflect on your life. I spent a short period in a monastery, where my only possession comprised only several pieces of clothing, necessities, a thin mattress and a sleeping bag. That was how I came to realise we don’t need much to have a fulfilling life.

We disconnect from nature because we make ourselves too busy amid the bustle and hustle.Slow down and reconnect with nature, and this is the first step of returning to a simple lifestyle. If you don’t know where to begin: try a forest bath or have a getaway. But do not bring your camera. Interactive with nature in a primitive way. You will then realise we were not born for the urban lifestyle we have been way too used to.

2. Buy naked and save the hassle for Earth!

3. Choose nature. Mother Earth has already given us everything we need. There are always substitutes for the artificial, synthetic products we are used to.

4. Join a beach clean-up organised by different environmental groups.

5. Consider becoming a vegetarian (if not vegan).
Many international reports have pointed to the importance of a significant diet change - it is almost the biggest thing we can do for the environment.

6. Plant something. it doesn’t have to be a tree. At least grow something. Plants are great for the health of our environment and ourselves.
Author, Photography | Ren Wan (Founder of Jupyeah)