"Gift from the sea" - Syrene

by Slowood MKT

Syrene is a natural skincare brand established with the belief of “Gift From The Sea” in New Zealand. All the ingredients are natural and naturally derived, consciously formulated to develop truly efficacious products.

To achieve a more sustainable future for the environment, Syrene collaborates with Ocean Waste Plastic, which recycles plastics collected from the ocean, beaches and rivers, turning them into Syrene Aqua packaging.

7 active ingredients to give you the plumpiest, dewiest, comfiest skin


A rich antioxidant helping to protect skin against free radicals, brighten complexion, treat pigmentation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

2.  AQUAXY™:
A vegan and natural moisturiser to boost hyaluronic acid production and also help limit water loss.

Helps relieve inflammation, soothe irritated skin and provides powerful antioxidant protection.

A unique marine ingredient: a 'red macroalgae' extract that protects your skin against pollution, fighting premature aging. Specifically works to regulate oily skin!

Extract from the Manaku leaf, a tree native New Zealand, regenerates skin cells and protects skin from water loss increasing radiance and plumpness.

Harvested from rare and precious macroalgae, it stands out amongst skin care ingredients for its long-lasting anti-oxidative effect. The nutrient-rich molecules help your skin fight free-radical damage (a major contributor to aging skin) and improve the complexion to be dewier and firmer.

Works to hydrate skin and provide instant skin-plumping effects. Syrene sources its Marine Collagen sustainably from the by-product (wastage of the fish food industry) of tuna fish skin.

Syrene is now available in Slowood.
Unwrap a gift from the sea and discover the blue beauty benefits!