Interview with the Founder of Everblue

by Slowood MKT

International Women's Day is an occasion to celebrate women's accomplishments, raise awareness about gender bias, and advocate for equality. To mark this year's International Women's Day, we had a conversation with Renee, the founder of Everblue, to learn about her journey as a female entrepreneur.

About everblue
For those who love self-care and great hair, everblue is your go-to for incredible results. Consciously crafted with a blend of the best ingredients from nature and science, they are Aotearoa’s first Climate Positive liquid hair and body care range, offsetting 120% of their emissions – now that’s something to feel good about.


Renee and everblue:

What did you dream of doing when you were a child?
Apart from playing netball for the Silver ferns, I wanted to become a Global Marketing Director – something I achieved by 30 and then took the leap into starting my own business. I wanted to create a brand that focussed on positivity and making you feel good. This means feeling good about yourself, what you put on your skin and hair and the company behind it.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I always had an itch to start my own business and had a bit of luck when the right opportunity presented itself to me where I could work with great, experienced people to take this big leap!

What measures have you taken to ensure your business is sustainable?
We want to lead the category on sustainability and our biggest initiative has been to certify as Climate Positive. This means we offset 120% of our emissions. This commitment makes us ingrain more sustainable practices across our business as it makes you look at not only your supply chain, but also how your team operates and the materials you use.

What are you most proud of doing?
I’m proud of how much our small but talented team has been able to achieve in only 2 years. We’re now in 17 retailers across 4 countries which is a huge feat. I’m also proud of the resilience I’ve developed and tackling hurdles with a smile (even if that smile is delayed!).

What is your key piece of advice to other female entrepreneurs?
Be prepared to put in the work, trust you can do it even if you’ve never done it before (Men do this all the time) and lastly, be in it for the journey not the destination – then you can’t fail.