Interview with the Founder of Studio Botanic

by Slowood MKT

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German-based skincare brand Studio Botanic is committed to minimalism, from formula to design. An uncomplicated, less is more approach to skincare, easy-to-use products and appealing, gender-neutral, timeless packaging that combines the traditional and modern aspects of nature and technology. We spoke to its founder Alexander Hartan on what makes the brand.

What brought you to the beauty and skincare industry and what led you to launch Studio Botanic?

Many natural cosmetic products I came across did not meet my requirements in their previous form. Having previously worked in the cosmetics and ingredients supply sector, I had acquired the necessary knowledge about the operational processes of cosmetics production and therefore, I wanted to create my own natural cosmetics based on a new approach and ideas.

I was not only considering the ingredients, but above all the minimalist fragrance - it should appeal to both women and men. That's how I came up with the basic idea of Studio Botanic. The "STUDIO" stands for creativity and modern technology and "BOTANIC" for the natural aspects and traditional botany.

What does minimalism mean to you and why was it the inspiration for Studio Botanic?

The minimalist design is an expression of our time - again! But it is also timeless, because time is temporal!

Our minimalist design is certainly influenced by minimal art - not only visually, but also conceptually. Here, we are primarily concerned with standardisation and reducing material consumption through thoughtful industrial design and layout. For example, we use simple white standard tubes and lids that are available to every brand and this helps reduce wastage.

We know that your guiding principle in manufacturing products is "less is more". Can you tell us what you mean by that?

Making a product that is purely plant-based, natural and long-lasting is not new, but it is still very much on vogue – and of course it is better for the people and the planet. The principle “less is more” was my starting point on how I wanted to market STUDIO BOTANIC as an innovative natural cosmetics brand. 

When it comes to fragrance, we intentionally avoid strong natural perfumes or high concentrations of essential oils. That is why, we focus on the natural scents of the necessary ingredients, which smell as good as they are effective.

Founder’s favourites:

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