Minimalist Vegan Beauty - STUDIO BOTANIC

by Slowood MKT

Less is more when it comes to skincare

As a German cosmetics manufacturer, STUDIO BOTANIC offers purely plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free products that are made with premium ingredients from certified organic sources. The highly effective formulas are as gentle on the skin as they are on the environment, with sleek, minimalist, recyclable packaging. 

Naturally effective products

STUDIO BOTANIC’s products have been created with innovative formulas meaning you need only a very small amount to obtain optimum effect. STUDIO BOTANIC values the following in the composition of products:

  • Vegan, naturally high-quality and pure raw ingredients
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Consideration of sensitive skin
  • Little use of essential oils and natural fragrances for a subtle botanical scent
  • Avoiding unnecessary, irritating or non-natural ingredients
  • The certification for natural and vegan formulations and the abandonment of animal testing
  • Products are unisex and designed to appeal equally to all genders and identities
  • Products whose benefits are clear to understand

Interesting Facts about STUDIO BOTANIC


1. Environmentally friendly packaging: aluminum tubes for creams inhibit the growth of germs in the product – so there’s no need for chemical preservatives and synthetic perfumes.

2. Minimal use of essential oils or natural perfumes: for a subtle botanical scent

3. Clean, sophisticated design: for unisex and universal appeal


Special recommendation:


In the ongoing battle against Covid 19, it is essential to wash our hands regularly in order to keep them clean. But constant hand-washing can lead our skin to becoming dry, sore and raw. Choosing a hand wash with hydrating properties makes for clean and soft hands - win, win!

Packed with nourishing ingredients like Witch Hazel Leaf extract and Black Oat extract, STUDIO BOTANIC Hand Soap will not only keep your hands cleansed and crack-free, but moisturised and supple too. What’s more the purely herbal ingredients make it perfect for all skin types!


Slowood Staff Favourites: 



Recently, I’ve got sunburned after hiking with my friends even though I wore my sunscreen. My skin turned red and peeled. After witnessing the peeling skin on my neck, my colleague recommended the Cold Cream to me as a sunburn soother. It really worked well! It moisturised and healed my dry skin effectively. Last but not least, I really love the rose and fresh mint fragrance. 

- Chloe, part of the Kennedy Town Slowood store team 

Less is More. Let’s experience STUDIO BOTANIC to nourish your skin with natural ingredients.