SLOWOOD Local Project: Taking Root

by Slowood MKT

Taking Root 

Since opening our first store in Kennedy Town, in two short years our community has grown tremendously. Now with stores in Discovery Bay and Sha Tin, we have built a community that transcends geographical neighborhoods and is united in the belief that small changes can make a big difference. 

We see community as the heart of Slowood. It is what keeps us grounded and what keeps us going. Thank you for sharing our passion for sustainable living and for being the pillar of support as we move ahead. No matter what stage you’re at in your sustainability journey, we hope that you will always find a place at Slowood. 

When a tree takes root, it becomes firmly planted in the ground. As the roots extend deeper, the tree can branch out further and higher. In fact, there is as much growth above soil surface as there are roots underground. In soil that is abundant with water and nutrients, similarly, roots will flourish, forming intricate clusters that mesh and mingle. Although roots may be out of sight, they are the source of life and strength for all plants. 

Just like how roots anchor a tree, community is what anchors us. As Slowood continues to grow, the strength of our environmental community will keep us grounded in the values that brought us together in the first place–mindful living, conscious choices, and positive impact. Slowood is always looking for ways we can better support our community, whether through bringing you sustainable alternatives or sharing our resources. Stay tuned for new products and upcoming collaborations.