SLOWOOD x Weave Living Partnership

by Slowood MKT

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At SLOWOOD, we hope to encourage a bottom-up behavioural change among consumers to turn daily routines into a more sustainable lifestyle. Many eco-friendly options are available for your better living, and a healthier planet, from the refillable & cruelty-free body wash to the carefully sourced healthy food ingredients.



As part of the community, we’re always excited to promote zero-waste living with different partners. If everyone takes “sustainable, natural & responsible” to heart, and makes tiny changes to their daily habits, we believe we can take a significant step forward for the Earth. 


We’re therefore delighted to collaborate with Weave Living and encourage sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyles in their studios, suites and residences. Refillable bath gels, shampoos and even detergents and antibacterial cleaning agents will be available for Weave’s residents. By working together with the community to change lives one day at a time, we hope the joint actions can have a meaningful impact.

我們很高興今次能與 Weave Living 攜手,在他們的服務式住宅、公寓及共享空間中,鼓勵具環保意識的生活方式。我們將為

Together, we make a difference.

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