The Mushroom Initiative

by Slowood MKT

Soil is Life: 3 lessons from mushrooms 

Last month, our team visited The Mushroom Initiative 菇菌圓 at their Tai Po farm. We were in awe at the incredibly diverse and rich life activity happening silently beneath our feet. Soil is not just dirt–it is composed of vast connections between fungi networks, worms, microorganisms, microbes, and living roots, interdependent interactions that create a complex underground ecosystem. Here are a few learnings we gained from this trip.

1. Waste is a human concept.
In nature, dead organic matter does not go to landfill, instead it is decomposed into soil nutrients by fungi. A perfect example of a circular economy!
2. Good soil will save the planet.
When soil is thriving with life, more organic matter can be broken down into carbon, the majority of which is stored in the ground. Improving soil health is a crucial strategy to mitigating climate crisis.
3. Help your neighbors.
Forest trees are connected to each other via underground mycorryzial networks. Trees feed sugar to fungi while fungi help distribute soil nutrients from beyond the roots. Mutual support is not simply beneficial, but necessary for survival.

We encourage you to learn more about soil health and mushrooms by going onto their website,