The Refill Story: Interview with Slowood’s friends

by Slowood MKT
Let's take a peek into the daily refill routine of some of our customers and find out their tips for zero-waste shopping. We hope that this interview will show you how easy and simple it is to bring your own containers for refilling. We'd love to see more people bringing their own bottles and containers to refill their everyday essentials, and together, let's make sustainable living a reality!

Light container makes refill easier 💬

Ms Yiu: "I know that some people might find it inconvenient to bring their own containers for shopping, but I don't have that problem at all! I've actually refilled my containers several times already, and it's super easy - all I need is an empty bottle to refill what I need. Plus, if you choose a lightweight container, it's not too heavy to carry around, even if you have other plans on that day. This small action can make a big difference in reducing plastic waste, and I think it's worth trying!"

🛒 Refill choice: CG06 - Hand Soap Bergamot

Choose a greener way to snack: Go packaging-free and reduce waste! 💬

Stephanie: "When it comes to shopping for food items like healthy snacks and gummies, I prefer to go packaging-free. My main motivation for doing this is my concern for the environment. I mean, have you seen how much unnecessary packaging some products come in?! It's crazy! By shopping for unpackaged items here, I can choose exactly how much I need and avoid wasting food I don't like. Plus, it just feels good knowing that I'm doing my part to reduce waste and help the planet."

🛒 Refill choice: E16 Hand-Roasted Mixed Ginger Slice Taiwan

Unlock the secrets of bulk shopping: Lesser-known tips for saving money and reducing waste!💬

Ginny: "When I first tried zero-waste shopping at Slowood, I was a bit unsure of how it worked. I thought I would need a separate container for each bulk food item I wanted to buy, which seemed like it could be a bit of a hassle. But the staff were amazing and showed me that I could use a compartmentalized container to buy multiple items at once, making my zero-waste shopping trip so much more convenient. Now, all I need is one big container, and I can easily stock up on snacks for my pantry without any unnecessary packaging - it's such a breeze!"

🛒 Refill choice: DF52 Less Sweetened Guava, DF55 Less Sweetened Green Mango and DF66 Soft-dried Mango

When you go bulk shopping, the first step is to weigh your container, then fill it with the foods you want. After that, write down the product codes and calculate the net weight.

If you want to buy different types of bulk foods in the same container, just repeat the steps I mentioned earlier and write down the codes and weights of each item. This way, you can create your own awesome bulk food platter! Why not try making a three-color platter next time you go shopping and bring your own container?

Just remember, when shopping in bulk, you can't mix different types of food items in the same container, except for CFMIX gummies. Happy shopping 🥳