What's Happening to Our Oceans?

by Slowood MKT



Netflix new documentary @Seaspiracy has opened our eyes to the overwhelming and damaging effects the fishing industry has on our whole ecosystem. I bet you will stop eating fish after watching this movie.

Slowood will take a step forward and STOP SELLING FISH. In the meantime while stock lasts, we will donate a portion of profits to @SeaShepherd. 

At Slowood, we believe every tiny step counts and hope to join our community to make the world a better place. Stop crying over the planet, let’s take this step forward to ocean conservation together! 

Donation link: https://act.seashepherdglobal.org/


Ocean-friendly Tips

While snorkeling, diving and swimming allow you to enjoy the underwater world, do you know how you can help protect our reefs, marine wildlife and oceans? 

First, behave responsibly in the water. Don’t touch or chase after marine life. I know you could be excited to see the beautiful scenery under the sea, but please MIND YOUR STEPS! Be extra aware if you knocked or kicked the coral when you are on the reef. 

One of the most overlooked things is the use of toxic sunscreens. Studies have shown that some chemical compounds in sunscreen - including Oxybenzone and Octinoxate-may harm and kill the coral reefs, even in small doses. Thus, choose the reef-safe products to protect the marine life and also your skin.