Where to Find Organic and Zero Waste Grocery Store in Hong Kong

by Daren Pearson

At Slowood, we only sell products that we feel comfortable using in our own homes for our own families. Whether it’s personal care items or baking supplies, we believe natural products are always better – for our health and for the environment.

The impacts of the choices we make today ripple outwards, affecting people near and far, as well as future generations. Take a conventional disinfectant spray used for home cleaning. The cheapest ones may boast 99.9% effectiveness in killing viruses and germs, but the same toxic particles will enter our children’s and pets’ respiratory systems. When washed away with water, these chemicals may accumulate in our waterways, polluting important habitats. In contrast, a synthetic-free cleaning spray can get rid of germs through the antimicrobial and antiviral properties of essential oils, without sacrificing the health of our loved ones. Ingredients used are naturally occurring and will easily biodegrade in natural conditions.

There are always eco-friendly alternatives to our everyday items. Processed and overly packaged foods can be replaced with whole foods bought in bulk. Highly polluting dairy milk can be substituted for equally delicious plant-based milk. Sugary soft drinks with artificial flavouring won’t be missed once you taste a sip of kombucha, a naturally brewed fizzy drink full of probiotics.

Start seeking out the path to sustainable living, and Slowood will be there to help you. We are an all-round sustainable lifestyle store providing the largest selection of plastic-free, biodegradable, and zero-waste products in Hong Kong. Whatever your motivations are for switching to sustainable living, we promise that you won’t turn back.