Why is it important to buy Local?

by Slowood MKT

Slowood was founded by local Hong Kong people under the vision to build community around sustainable living. This can only be achieved if we all work together, which is why supporting other local businesses with a similar vision is so important to us. Global environmental issues require local solutions, and buying locally is one way we can take action! 

  1. Environmental: Buying locally means that the product travels less to reach you, substantially reducing its carbon footprint. 
  2. Social: Connecting with other local sustainable businesses can strengthen the culture of low-impact living, and bring more people into this lifestyle
  3. Economic: building a strong green economy provides job opportunities and careers in caring for the local environment

Slowood is always looking to spotlight like-minded small businesses. Located at the ground floor of Davis Street, our pop-up booth lets local businesses share their products and connect with our community at Kennedy Town. If you are interested in hosting a weekend pop-up booth at our store, and you are keen on protecting our environment, feel free to sign up with the link below. 

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