Press Release - Slowood Sustainable Grocery Store Grand Opening 18-19 Jan 2019

by Slowood Official
Press Release 28 November 2018
Slowood Sustainable Lifestyle Grocery Store Grand Opening
Slowood is excited to share with you the kick-off grand opening of our sustainable lifestyle grocery store held on 18 – 19 January 2019. Slowood offers eco alternatives to daily, whether it's organic food, natural skincare, ecoconscious household goods, biodegradable homeware and zero-waste products.
With the support by the “Pimary” family team over the past two years, this new project Slowood curated with a group of young energy in attempt to share thewisdom of a natural lifestyle. We believe green living is not just about conceptual ideas, people could take every step in daily life to spread the walk of sustainability.

Grand Opening Preview: 18 - 19 Jan 2019 (Fri - Sat) 11am to 9pm
Vegan Brunch with Press Tour : 18 Jan 2019 (Fri) 11am – 2pm
Opening Reception : 18 Jan 2019 (Fri) 6pm – 9pm

* drinks and canapés will be prepared by Slowood chef with fresh natural ingredients

Slowood Tours: 19 Jan 2019 (Sat) 2pm – 5pm
Venue : Shop 1-3, G/F, The Hudson, 11 David Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Open Daily: 10am – 10pm

Store Concepts: Living with nature as one
More than 100 overseas and local brands are introduced in Slowood, aiming to be dedicated to providing green and affordable alternatives for daily essentials. Plenty of them are plant-based and biodegradable necessities. Not only does the store construction style is about edgy and trendy designs, the decoration and display ideas of Slowood are from various green concepts such as using the recycled Styrofoam and wooden wine cases as a display shelves. Different branding accessories would be designed each brand to show their story and uniqueness.

Back to Basic: Zero packaging and refill station
Over-packaging is a common situation in Hong Kong. To keep things simple and reduce waste at source, Slowood would introduce bulk purchase of food and household products, plus a refill station in the store. Bring your own containers, weigh what you want and take it home. Slowood strives to promote Zero waste shopping behavior from the community.

Slowood ‘Grows’ a Vegan Refreshments Corner
Slowood gets the featured vegan friendly cafe in the store. Mike, our main chef from Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, and we also invited the Denmark based British chef Robert to join, he often explores the forest, travelling into nature. With both experiences inspired each other in attempt to create a healthy and unique vegan menu. Being inspired by the natural power of fungi (mushroom), Slowood spent over few months to plant and grow the cafe furniture such as lampshade and table chair by “Fungi”. Visitors can enjoy the exquisite mushroom meals while being surrounded by the mushroom nature. A two meters tall Mushroom King sculpture is also waiting for visit as well.
About Slowood

We love our planet and refuse to believe that to lead a modern life we must hurt what gives birth to us. This belief gets us moving toward a mindful way of living.

The story of Slowood begins with the inspiring power of Mother Earth. It satisfies our every need; it is the source of our every wisdom, joy and abundance. With the deepest gratitude for nature – within this nature-loving lifestyle marketplace – we endeavor to explore a genuinely sustainable lifestyle, to redefine what a genuinely organic way of living is made of.

In this humble space, we offer eco-alternatives for your everyday needs that contain the wisdom of nature and the philosophy of simplicity. Every detail coheres to the principles of zero waste, sustainability and harmony. Recycled, biodegradable, zero-waste and ecologically friendly are some of the keywords our values are associated with – all the building blocks of an eco-lifestyle. Here at Slowood, you will find not only eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle alternatives galore but also the wisdom of a natural lifestyle.

For enquires, please contact:
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Tracie Leung | | +852 2762 0770 | +852 9823 2622
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