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One-of-a-kind healthy products our team handpicked from New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands & more...



Slowood is a humble space where we offer eco alternatives. Step by step, we work towards making Slowood an all-rounded store, so you will have a choice to go green, when you are looking for your daily basic needs. Every detail here coheres to the principles of zero waste, sustainability and harmony. Recycled, biodegradable, zero-waste and ecologically friendly are some of the keywords our values are associated with – all the building blocks of an eco-lifestyle.

The heart of how we can live a modern life without harming this beautiful planet, marks the beginning of our Slowood journey, guiding us to discover the inspiring power of Mother Nature.

Here at Slowood, we learn and grow with you as we take every tiny step forward, in a sustainable journey.

Our story began with the family. Just like every parent, we try our best to keep our family healthy and happy. Nothing extraordinary, only the essentials. We used to imagine how loving and beautiful the world our kids would grow up in, but Mother Earth doesn’t seem very healthy to sustain.

We understand people’s worries and we want to learn and act with the community together. So here we go. Inspired by the zero-waste concepts in New Zealand, not only do we gather things that do good to nature, but also embrace the aesthetic of simplicity. At Slowood, we provide ranges of eco-alternatives at stores, with the timeless Scandinavian beauty, hopefully reaching people of all kinds. We started from family, and we work with the community, and with you.