Express your love for S.O. and Mother Earth

by Slowood Official

V-day gift ideas are everywhere these days. Aren’t they all too dazzling and hard to choose from?

Slow down, take a deep breath.

Look at a picture of you and your other half.Recall the sweet moments between you two.Those feelings of happiness - what are they made of?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, to some, is like any other festivals,Where fancy gifts and romantic dinners seem necessary.This special day in February, however, is a chance.

For us to express our gratitude

For his/her being there, next to us.

For his/her giving and loving.

No matter how lavish a celebration is,

A smile of genuine joy, a warm hug are all that we ultimately ask for.

So, if you are still uncertain about your V day plan,

Start from zero again.

Think about what makes him/her happy, And what makes moments between you two unforgettable. If you want to express your love for your signature other and Mother Earth,

Here are something you can do: 


1. What about a picnic? 

Go somewhere that’s green, be it a park or the countryside. A picnic mat and several homemade delicacies will get you ready toFeel the tranquility of nature and togetherness. Chat and do nothing else. Keep your attention only for him/her. 


2. Stars and the sea 

Probably the oldest way to celebrate, and probably the most romantic too. There is something irresistible about stars and the night sky. Take his/her hands and leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city. Remote places like Sai Kung and Tai Mei Tuk are some of the best kept secrets for a starry, starry night. 


3. Dinner at Home 

A personal favourite, not because eating out is expensive and lavish. It’s because nothing tells him/her better your love and care than Designing the menu, hand-making local ingredients and cooking a meal in the healthiest way - all by yourself. 


4. Give a Gift that Speaks your Heart

Want a gift for him/her?

Unless your other half deserves nothing more than cliches, forget about those Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Give something that genuinely manifests your affection. Think about his or her lifestyle, habits, and needs. Something he/she needs is way more meaningful that something he/she desires. Buying something that he/she would keep is also being responsible to Mother Earth.  


5. A gift that only stays in heart 

A gift does not have to be tangible. A song, a digital photo, anything that touches his or her heart is a gift. What about an affectionately curated playlist? A song sung only for him/her? Perhaps it’s all you need to do to make him/her happy.

Wish you all happy Valentine’s Every Day. 


Author | Ren Wan (Founder of Jupyeah)

Image Source | @wkyemily