DF21 - Blueberries

DF21 - Blueberries

DF21 - Blueberries

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    • Organic
    • Vegan
    • Sweet snack
    • Quick bite
    • Highnutrition


    Organically grown wild blueberries have been slowly dried and sweetened with organic apple juice to produce this sweet snack.Dried blueberriesare a pure and wholesame snack food. Full of flavour and have a natural deep purple colour.Blueberries are well known for their superfood status.They are a great pantry addition that can replace fresh berries when they are out of season.

    Health Benefits

    • Rich content of antioxidants
    • Nourish body cells from the inside out
    • Provide a noticeable glow in your hair, eyes and skin
    • Low in Calories



    A great pantry addition that can replace fresh berries when out of season. Perfect eaten as a snack or added to cereals, smoothies, baked goods, and sweet or savoury recipes. Perfect to add them into muesli, porridge and smoothies formorning. Dried blueberries are also wonderful in raw food recipes.

    Use them to make beautiful sauces and jams, homemade chocolate or ice cream. Dried Blueberries are also a wonderful addition to baked goods , add them to fruit bread, muffins, cakes and muesli bars.


    Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

    Refrigeration recommended.

    Allergy Information

    • No Known Allergens

    • May contain traces of allergens

    • Possible cross-contamination


    Nutritional Information (per 100g)
    Energy kcal -------------- 369 kcal
    Energy kj ----------------- 1,544 kj
    Fat ------------------------ 2.8 g
    of which Saturates ------ 0.02 g
    Carbohydrates ----------- 78 g
    of which sugars ---------- 60.6 g
    Fibre ---------------------- 12.3 g
    Protein -------------------- 1.8 g
    Salt ------------------------ 0.04 g
    Sodium ------------------- 0.016 g

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