Citric Acid 1kg Kraft Bag

Citric Acid 1kg Kraft Bag

Citric Acid 1kg Kraft Bag

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Citric acid is a product with other multiple uses:

  • One of the most widespread acids among plants
  • An anti-limestone (it descales, cleans and dissolves limestone) and a formidable antioxidant


  • Completely biodegradable 
  • Packaged in a recycled paper bag

DIY Cleaning Tips: 

Simple ways to use Citric Acid to clean at home

  • Clean your kettle with citric acidFill your kettle with water and add in a couple teaspoons of citric acid. Once it's done brewing, any build-up will be gone.
  • Clean your toilet: Just add a tablespoon into the pan and let it sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes (ideally overnight). Give it a quick brush or scrub and then flush. The water will wash away all the acid remains as well as any scum and mineral deposit build-ups, leaving your toilet bowl sparkly clean! 
  • Clean your bathroom floor: Add a tablespoon to your floor cleaner mixture/just water and soak your floor mop before your clean.
  • Limescale on your taps: Gently spread your solution over the taps and watch as the limescale gets rubbed off! Alternatively, you can pour the citric acid solution into a spray bottle (you will need to add more water) for easier application. Do not use on brass taps.

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