Herbal Youth Mask (5 pcs/box)

Herbal Youth Mask (5 pcs/box) - Slowood

Herbal Youth Mask (5 pcs/box)

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A "Super Greens" Firming Sheet Mask

  • For Dry And Mature Skin Types
  • Potent botanical formula helps to hydrate, plump and firm the look of skin
  • Contains a powerful anti-aging herbal complex of ginseng root, oat extract, olive leaf, centella and chlorella algae
  • Fortified with Olive Glycolipids, which can help enrich the skin by recovering its natural moisture levels and minimizing water loss 
  • A Japanese clinical study found that Olive Fruit Glycolipids could recover skin cell health by up to 80%, improving water retention in skin, minimizing trans epidermal water loss and resulting in smoother, youthful looking skin tone and texture.

How it Works

  • Hydrates And Retains Moisture With Olive Fruit Glycolipids
    Restores the skin's ability to retain moisture thus addresses the root problem of chronically dry skin

  • Firms With Chlorella Algae
    Studies on chlorella algae show that it can stimulate collagen and elasticity production in skin

  • Tones With Ginseng
    Contains powerful antioxidants with excellent anti-aging properties

How to Use

  1. Fit sheet mask over clean, dry face. Tuck in any excess material under the chin.
  2. Optional: Use a Crystal Facial Roller on top of the sheet mask to speed up absorption time and amplify benefits.
  3. Remove sheet mask after 20 minutes. If you use a facial roller, remove sheet mask after 10 minutes.
  4. Pat the remaining serum into skin or wash off.

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