Natural Incense - Frankincense

Natural Incense - Frankincense
Natural Incense - Frankincense
Natural Incense - Frankincense
Natural Incense - Frankincense

Natural Incense - Frankincense

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The natural herbal incense "Sanctuary" is an incense specially made for purification.

[Frankincense] With incense holder

The New Testament says that Frankincense was dedicated at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, and frankincense is still burned in the church. Frankincense (Boswellia papyrifera) from Sudan is characterized by a light aroma with less astringency. 50% frankincense is very luxuriously blended.

The scent of frankincense is said to have a sedative effect that calms anxiety and restores the mind. It is used for meditation and mental and physical purification because it relieves tension, deepens breathing, and enhances concentration. Also, when frankincense is burned in the room, it is filled with a mysterious scent, so it is the perfect incense when you want to wipe out the space and feelings.


Please be sure to read before using.
? Be careful when handling fire.
? Do not leave the place during burning.
? Use a noncombustible incense plate and an incense burner and please make sure to prevent the incense from falling over or sticking out.
? This is not food. Please do not put it in your mouth. Be especially careful with infants. Incense length 135 mm. Burning time about 30 minutes. 20 pieces.


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